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At Nayesha Healthcare, we are leading project management consultants offering SMART hospital solutions.We’ve blended our experience and expertise with state of the art automation technology to give our clients a distinct competitive edge. Our end to end turnkey solutions give investors massive advantage resulting in optimal return on investment for the investors, better healthcare services for the patients and conversation of natural resources. As such, we create win-win-win situation for investors, patients and society in general.


We conduct feasibility study for the potential hospital site and analyze complex features to tell you precisely if the suggested site will yield desired results for you.

One of the first steps and perhaps the most important one, our turnkey consultants consider several factors including accessibility to the public, infrastructure development in the area of planned site, proximity to major centers, optimal hospital configuration, geographical conditions, climatic conditions etc are given due consideration, as site selection would eventually have an impact on the profitability of the venture.


We handle all your financial worries for you… Be it funding the proposed hospital, finding out the optimal mix of debt, identifying potential investors or partners, determining the working capital needs for every day running of the hospital, we do it all for you. We conduct a detailed analysis of the capital structure, projected cash flows, income and expenses and design financial structure to ensure that the hospital operates smoothly.

Plus, you get a clear picture of capital structure, potential profitability, liquidity, revenue, cost, asset utilization and more to understand the financial viability of the project before investing your hard earned money!


We have liaison with leading architects, Hospital project consultants with several years of experience in hospital design and planning. Our consultants pay great detail to planning at the designing stage so give you a scalable solution. Our advanced automation solution enhances the work efficiency of the hospital reducing monthly utility bills.

Since we are the leading NABH consultants in India, we plan your hospital as per the Accreditation norms. This goes in a long way for building trust and confidence amongst the patients.


Being one of the few hospital consulting firms in India with JCI accreditation, we ensure that your hospital is truly world class, when it comes to patient care. We help you will all the procedures, processes and documentations needed for accreditation with the NABH, which is mandatory for a hospital.

We provide basic framework that leads to quality control at all levels. We encompass all the criteria laid down by the NABH including patient care, medication management, infection control, facility management and more. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your hospital gets the name and fame it deserves!


Our SMART solution encompasses advanced automation for seamless operational and functional management of the hospital. Inventory management, re-order quantity, manpower management, staff salary, leave management, workflow process, capacity management, optimization of physical networks, quality and process management etc is automated to a great extent.

Our aim is to ensure hassle free day to day operations at reduced cost, enhanced efficiency and improved profitability.Our advanced automation included patient history, treatment, visit records and billing. It helps in quick and error free billing for the patients, which in turn helps in keeping your patients satisfied with the services.